Fleur du Froid Graphic Collection

Introducing   Fleur du Froid  Graphic collection

Everything in this collection is custom created.

I am merged watercolour hint with golden lines :)

I hope you like and enjoy Fleur du Froid.

In the zip file you find  :

  • 30 blue and gold elements
  • 15 Compositions
  • 9 Square tiles (Hint: they can be found in Ornaments_Frames folder)
  • 18 Frames and wreaths
  • 8 geometric compositions (Hint: they can be found in Ornaments_Frames folder)
  • A-Z letter compositions
  • 14 Background elements
  • 5 Backgrounds ( solid and transparent backgrounds)
  • 4 Animal Compositions (Rabbit and Deer)

NOTE: All files and are in PNG format with transparent backgrounds in 300dpi and average size 3500x3500 px

Mock ups and fonts from presentation are not included!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you! Enjoy!